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Best and Cheap Web Hosting Review

If anyone wants to make a website, what they should look for? They should look for domain name, web hosting or website hosting. Here I am describing all products relating to making a personal, blog, business or professional websites. I prefer a company named iPage, it has almost everything that need to make personal, blog, business or professional websites. iPage is the best cheap web hosting from my point of view.


You may ask why I prefer iPage. There are several significant reasons behind it. iPage provides best web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and email hosting. iPage do have 30 days’ money back guarantee. With this facility, you may change your mind within 30 days from the purchase date of any service. This is a fantastic service I think. Situation changes in everyone’s life so, you may change your mind. The most reliable website making programs are WordPress and Joomla. If you know how to make website through WordPress and Joomla, you can start installation by one click and make the site.


iPage website opening speed is 908ms and uptime is almost 99.99%. Here I compare iPage with other popular hosting sites. All of the hosting service providers are Well Known over the world. BUT iPage gives us Cheapest Web Hosting service and If you BUY only 1-year website hosting contract from iPage, the price will be under $36 USD ONLY and you will have a FREE Domain with it. Comparing 3 years website hosting contracts are given below.


Cheap Price


iPage Bluehost Hostgator FatCow SiteGround Hostinger
$1.99 / Month $2.95 / Month $2.64 / Month $3.15 / Month $3.95 / Month $2.15 / Month


iPage provides Cheap web hosting, Cheap WordPress hosting, Cheap VPS hosting, Cheap Dedicated Server hosting and Cheap Email hosting with VERY GOOD QUALITY SUPPORT for all of them. Why I use Cheap before all service because it is Cheap than other renown companies. WordPress hosting is for making websites in very easy steps. iPage provide best WordPress hosting at very cheap rate than others. There is no need to know any coding or HTML / CSS language for WordPress hosting.


How to Use WordPress with Cheapest Web Hosting

Many people want to use WordPress hosting. To be frank, WordPress hosting is expensive than normal or cheap web hosting. i.e. Cheap web hosting for 1-year contract from iPage will cost you under $36 but WordPress hosting for 1-year contract from iPage will cost you $ 45. If you want to use WordPress for your website building, you can BUY Cheap Web hosting with $36 and make your website with WordPress. Every Web hosting cPenel has option to install WordPress. Email me if you want to use WordPress without WordPress hosting.


Friendly Support

iPage provide is very friendly online support 24/7. If you stuck anywhere, iPage support team will help you in all possible way. iPage also provide SEO helps with their friendly SEO experts. I have solved many SEO problems from their SEO experts. If you follow all instructions of iPage SEO experts, your page will rank on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Thus you will be able create a website with sitebuilder and cheap hosting



Cheque Payments

Many people do not want to use their Debit or Credit card. iPage has solutions for them. If people do not want to pay by his/her Debit or Credit card for purchasing Cheap web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server hosting and email hosting, they can pay by Bank Cheque. Let me tell you in details. Go to iPage website, open an account then acquire an invoice of your payment to confirm the amount you need to pay. If you are from USA write a Cheque, Payable to iPage and include your username or domain name on your Cheque. Send the Cheque to iPage with a copy of your invoice(s). If you are from outside USA, go to your Bank and discuss with them what you need to do if you want to send a Cheque to iPage, USA. But follow the same aforesaid procedure. Address of iPage given below –



10 Corporate Drive

Suite 300


MA 01803



Create a FREE Review Website

I will make a review website for you for FREE if you want it by me. I always use a WordPress theme called newspaperX which is Best review website builder or sitebuilder from my point of view. If you want to make review website for FREE, please do contact me on niazparvez83@gmail.com before you buy any domain or web hosting. I will love to help you as much as I can.